Off-Road Trail

Are you planning a customer event and would like to present you 4x4 vehicle?
Then we’re the right partner!
Our off-road trail lies just west of our road course on the beautiful island of Mallorca.
Plan your event without having to take the weather in consideration.  Thanks to the island’s mild climate, the course is available for use year-round.  In addition, its natural surroundings make it an ideal location to allow potential buyers to experience and test drive the gamut of you off-road product range.  
Experience enthusiasm which will positively influence your client’s purchase decisions. 
Boasting water crossings, gravel pits, slopes and banked curves; our off-road course offers multiple possibilities and varying degrees of difficulty.  Here you will find everything you need for a perfect showing.
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Dear Customers,

For safety reasons, an ambulance must be present on the Circuit Mallorca when using the small track by motorcycles.

Therefore, this will initially be possible only on Sundays.

For this reason the cost of 25 € per person can not be maintained. The price per person increases to 35 €. To ensure a reasonable budget, at least 10 applications must be received.

Registration until Thursday before the event by email to and advance payment to the following bank account. Email with name and ID number.

Beneficiary: Circuit Llucmajor S.L.
IBAN: ES 36 2038 6569 0160 0025 4839

If less than 10 registrations arrive, we are going to cancel the event and refund the money.

Thank you for your understanding!



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07620 Llucmajor

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+34 971 44 60 90



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               02:00pm - 07:00pm

Fr - Sa 10:00am - 01:00pm

              02:00pm - 08:00pm


Mo - Fr    09:00am - 05:00pm


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